Broadband allows you to connect to the internet at much higher speeds than traditional dial up modems. There are two main broadband technologies available in the UK, and which telephone network you are connected to will determine which broadband method is available to you.

ADSL is for British Telecom telephone lines and connects via your telephone line in a similar way to a dial up modem.
Cable is for the cable network of Virgin Media (Formally ntl:Telewest), and connects via a distribution box on the wall, which also connects to your telephone and television set top box.

What are the benefits of broadband internet?

Broadband allows you to have an "always on" internet connection, or if you use ADSL, you can still connect on demand if you wish. There are a few differences between equipment and connection methods between ADSL and Cable, but essentially they both offer you a high speed, uninterrupted internet experience.

How our Broadband Installation service works ...

  • Choose from a provider list on this page, or pre order broadband from an ISP of your choice, or call us to find the best deals and we can order on your behalf
  • Inform us of an "expected" live date
  • Order any other equipment you may need from us, such as routers, wireless routers, network / wireless network cards
  • Call us when your broadband starter kit arrives, and book an installation date.
  • We come to your property, install the equipment and configure the broadband to your requirements including setting up any additional email addresses you require

Choose your Provider ...

You can either choose a provider below, and sign up via the internet, or you can choose your own provider.

Cable Broadband Providers:

Virgin Media spacer image= spacer image=

ADSL Broadband Providers:

Virgin Media

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