Internet Security

It is imperative that you have some form of internet security software on your computer, at the very minimum an antivirus package and a firewall. Viruses and hackers can cause no end of problems from, simple annoying popups, to stealing passwords, credit card details, and even delete valuable data.

Most, if not all internet service providers require that you have some level of internet security in place on you computers as part of their terms of service.

We recommend that you have a broadband internet connection as some updates are very large, and may time a long time to download on a dial up connection.  For more information on broadband internet, please visit our broadband service page here.

Why do I need Internet Security?

You will require internet security to protect your computer, your data and and your self against viruses, hackers, and other such attempts to destroy data, take control of your computer or steal personal details etc. Many internet service providers and even banks require you to have a level of security on your computer before you access their services.

Antivirus companies are always playing catch-up to the criminals, therefore it is not completely infallible, however, many companies offer daily updates, so you can be sure you are protected almost as soon as they have detected new threats. Internet security software is essential in today's computing environment.

What protection will I get?

The internet security software we supply as standard offers a comprehensive suite of security software.

  • Antivirus
    Protects your computer from and removes existing viruses, diallers, Trojans, and other malicious software as you use your computer and the internet.
  • Firewall
    Protects your computer against hackers and intrusions.
  • Anti Spyware
    Protects your computer from and removes existing spyware and other malicious software.
  • Spam Protection
    Helps prevent spam, and emails containing malicious content such as viruses and phishing scams.
  • Parental Controls
    Helps prevent children from accessing unsuitable websites.

Most internet security suites also include a collection of other tools such as identity protection which clears your internet tracks and related files, popup and add blockers which prevent popup windows and adverts from appearing.

We can also advise on other security aspects such as securing your computer with a password, making certain files private, securing wireless networks and routers.

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