Computer Repairs

Hardware and Software can fail for a number of reasons. It is inevitable that in time, components will fail through wear and tear, and occasionally due to incorrect shutdown, or system crashes, power loss etc, software can become corrupted too, causing Windows start up problems and other usage issues.  We can also fix apple problems too, from software issues, crashing, slow, start up issues, to replacing failed components, upgrading or replacing RAM and hard disks.

What we offer ...

We offer both on-site and workshop based repairs. If we are unable to rectify your problem on-site, we will return it to our workshop where we have many more tools available to efficiently diagnose the problem.

We have access to a massive supply of over 100,000 computer components, and all at the very best prices. We always endeavour to beat the high street.

Why use us?

We have a wide range of tools available to test your computer system and diagnose problematic hardware and software. Faulty components are then replaced and the system is tested to ensure it functions correctly. Software faults are also quickly identified and rectified, and again your computer is tested.

We are experts at the so called "Blue Screen Of Death" errors, and can typically rescue your computer, without the need to use the computers recovery disks or re-install Windows and all the applications, as many other technicians do.  This means all your data and applications are kept and causes minimal loss and disruption to you.

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